Advisory Council

The Advisory Council at AfrosInTech plays a critical role in providing specialized knowledge and strategic advice to enhance the organization’s mission of supporting and empowering African professionals and entrepreneurs in the technology industry. Composed of esteemed experts from various fields within and outside the technology sector, the Advisory Council brings a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives that enrich the organization’s strategic planning and execution.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Guidance and Expertise: Members of the Advisory Council offer their expert insights and guidance on a range of issues relevant to the organization’s strategic objectives. They assist in refining strategies, suggesting innovative approaches, and identifying potential challenges and opportunities from an informed and experienced viewpoint.

Advocacy and Representation: The Advisory Council serves as a bridge to key industry stakeholders, including potential partners, investors, and policymakers. They advocate for the organization’s goals and values, enhancing AfrosInTech’s visibility and influence within the tech industry and broader business community.

Resource Mobilization: Leveraging their networks and reputations, council members assist in resource mobilization by identifying funding opportunities, facilitating introductions to potential donors, and endorsing the organization’s initiatives. This support is crucial for sustaining and scaling AfrosInTech’s programs and outreach activities.

Program Development Support: The Advisory Council provides valuable input into program design and implementation, ensuring that AfrosInTech’s offerings are cutting-edge and effectively meet the needs of its members. Their feedback is instrumental in shaping programs that are not only relevant but also impactful in terms of professional development and entrepreneurship support.

Monitoring and Evaluation: Council members participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the organization’s initiatives, offering critical assessments to measure effectiveness and impact. Their evaluations help ensure that AfrosInTech remains accountable to its mission and stakeholders.

Mentorship and Leadership Development: The Advisory Council also plays a role in mentoring the organization’s leadership and emerging leaders within the community. By sharing their knowledge and experiences, they contribute to the professional growth and development of AfrosInTech’s leadership team and members.


The Advisory Council’s strategic contributions significantly enhance AfrosInTech’s ability to fulfill its mission effectively. By providing seasoned guidance and expert advice, the council ensures that the organization remains at the forefront of technological and entrepreneurial advancements, positioned to address the evolving needs of African professionals in the tech industry.

Their advocacy and network expansion efforts amplify AfrosInTech’s reach and strengthen its capacity to influence the technology ecosystem globally. This not only raises the organization’s profile but also attracts strategic partnerships and resources necessary for growth and impact.

Moreover, the Advisory Council’s involvement in program development and evaluation contributes to the continuous improvement and relevance of AfrosInTech’s initiatives, ensuring they are robust, effective, and aligned with industry standards and trends.

Overall, the Advisory Council’s dedicated support and strategic insights are invaluable in steering AfrosInTech towards achieving its goals of empowerment and representation within the tech industry. Their leadership and expertise foster a proactive, innovative, and impactful organization, making a significant difference in the lives of its members and the broader tech community.