Director of Communications

The Director of Communications at AfrosInTech plays a pivotal role in shaping and overseeing the organization’s communication strategy, ensuring that all internal and external communications align with and actively promote the mission to support and empower African professionals and entrepreneurs in the technology industry. This executive position demands a sophisticated blend of strategic planning, media savvy, and leadership to effectively manage the organization’s overall messaging and public image.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Communication Planning: The Director of Communications develops and implements a comprehensive communication strategy that encompasses media relations, branding, marketing, and internal communications. This strategy is designed to enhance the organization’s visibility, strengthen its brand presence, and ensure consistent messaging across all platforms.

Media Relations and Publicity: A crucial aspect of this role involves managing relationships with the media to maximize positive coverage and exposure. The Director of Communications crafts press releases, organizes press conferences, and acts as the primary spokesperson for the organization, handling all media inquiries and interviews with insight and professionalism.

Content Development and Management: The Director oversees the creation and distribution of all content, including newsletters, annual reports, marketing materials, and digital content across the organization’s websites and social media platforms. They ensure that content is compelling, timely, and effectively communicates the impact of AfrosInTech’s initiatives.

Internal Communications: Ensuring that internal stakeholders are informed and engaged with the organization’s goals and activities, the Director of Communications develops internal communication policies and systems. This includes regular updates to staff and volunteers to foster organizational unity and transparency.

Crisis Communication: The Director of Communications is responsible for managing the organization’s response to crises that affect public perception or operational integrity. They develop and implement crisis communication plans, manage the flow of information, and mitigate negative impacts through strategic communication.

Team Leadership and Development: Leading a team of communication professionals, the Director of Communications mentors and manages their staff to ensure high levels of performance and professional growth. They cultivate a team environment that is innovative and responsive to the organization’s needs.


The Director of Communications’ role is critical in driving AfrosInTech’s mission forward by effectively communicating its values, successes, and the significance of its work to a broader audience. Through strategic and impactful communications, they help to establish AfrosInTech as a thought leader in the tech industry, particularly in areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Their efforts directly contribute to enhancing the organization’s reputation, attracting new members, engaging current members more deeply, and securing partnerships and funding. The Director of Communications also plays a key role in shaping public and internal perceptions of AfrosInTech, ensuring that the organization is seen as a vibrant, impactful, and essential part of the tech community.

Moreover, by managing media relations and public interactions with expertise and strategic acumen, the Director of Communications safeguards and enhances the organizational brand. This not only supports the organization’s external goals but also bolsters internal morale and cohesion, making AfrosInTech a unified and formidable force in the industry.

Overall, the Director of Communications’ leadership and visionary communication strategy are indispensable for promoting AfrosInTech’s mission, enhancing its impact, and ensuring that it remains at the forefront of efforts to empower African professionals and entrepreneurs in the technology sector.