Director of Programs

The Director of Programs at AfrosInTech plays a critical leadership role, strategically overseeing the design, implementation, and management of a wide range of programs that directly support and advance the mission to empower African professionals and entrepreneurs in the technology industry. This position is crucial in ensuring that all programmatic initiatives effectively address the needs of the community and contribute to the broader objectives of the organization.

Key Responsibilities

Program Development and Strategy: The Director of Programs is responsible for developing and refining the strategic vision for all programming at AfrosInTech. This includes identifying the needs of the community, designing innovative programs to meet these needs, and setting strategic goals that align with the organization’s mission and growth objectives.

Implementation and Management: Overseeing the rollout of various programs, the Director of Programs ensures that initiatives are executed efficiently and effectively. They manage program budgets, timelines, and resources, ensuring that every program delivers maximum impact and value to its participants.

Team Leadership and Staff Development: This role involves leading a multidisciplinary team of program managers and coordinators. The Director of Programs is responsible for hiring, training, and mentoring staff, fostering a team culture that encourages innovation, collaboration, and a strong focus on community impact.

Evaluation and Impact Measurement: To gauge the success and impact of programs, the Director of Programs implements comprehensive evaluation frameworks that track performance against expected outcomes. They use this data to refine and adjust programs, ensuring that the organization continuously improves and adapts to the changing needs of its members.

Stakeholder Engagement: The Director of Programs engages with a broad range of stakeholders, including participants, community leaders, funders, and partners. They effectively communicate the value and impact of programs, securing support and resources while also building strong relationships that enhance the organization’s reputation and reach.

Collaboration and Integration: Working closely with other senior leaders, the Director of Programs ensures that programmatic strategies are integrated across the organization. This includes aligning initiatives with marketing, technology, and fundraising efforts to create a cohesive and unified approach to achieving the organization’s goals.


The role of the Director of Programs is instrumental in driving AfrosInTech’s mission forward. By developing and managing targeted programs, the Director not only impacts the individual careers of African tech professionals but also influences the broader tech industry by fostering a pipeline of skilled, diverse, and empowered professionals ready to lead and innovate.

Their strategic leadership ensures that all programming is responsive to the needs of the community, offering opportunities for networking, skill development, and entrepreneurship that are critical for professional growth and success. The programs curated by the Director of Programs help dismantle barriers, open new doors, and lay the groundwork for a more inclusive and equitable tech landscape.

Moreover, the Director of Programs’ ability to measure and articulate the impact of these initiatives reinforces the organization’s credibility and effectiveness, attracting further support and enabling sustained growth. Through their dedication and strategic acumen, the Director of Programs ensures that AfrosInTech remains a dynamic and impactful leader in the technology community, dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of African professionals and entrepreneurs in the industry.