Events Manager

The Events Manager at AfrosInTech occupies a crucial role in orchestrating and overseeing all aspects of event planning and execution, pivotal to fostering community engagement and furthering the organization’s mission to support and empower African professionals and entrepreneurs in the technology industry. This role involves a strategic blend of creativity, precision, and leadership to ensure that each event not only runs smoothly but also delivers substantial value to participants and aligns with the organization’s broader goals.

Key Responsibilities

Event Planning and Strategy: The Events Manager is responsible for the strategic planning of events, which includes conceptualizing event themes, objectives, and formats that resonate with the organization’s mission. This entails detailed planning, from initial ideation to logistical execution, ensuring each event is tailored to enhance professional networking, learning, and development opportunities for the community.

Logistical Coordination: At the core of this role is the meticulous management of all event logistics. This includes venue selection, vendor management, scheduling, technology setup for virtual or hybrid events, and on-the-day coordination. The Events Manager ensures all logistical details are handled efficiently, aligning with the event’s goals and organizational standards.

Budget Management: The Events Manager develops and manages budgets for each event, ensuring optimal allocation of resources to maximize event quality and attendee experience while maintaining cost-effectiveness. They negotiate with suppliers and vendors to secure the best prices and service terms, demonstrating financial stewardship.

Stakeholder Engagement: Engaging with a variety of stakeholders is a key responsibility. The Events Manager collaborates with sponsors, partners, speakers, and participants to ensure their needs and expectations are met. This role requires strong communication skills to effectively articulate the value of events and secure ongoing support and participation.

Team Leadership: Leading a team of staff and volunteers, the Events Manager provides direction and support to ensure that team members are well-prepared and motivated. This leadership is crucial in fostering a collaborative environment where each event is a collective success.

Impact Measurement and Reporting: After each event, the Events Manager evaluates the success based on participant feedback and other relevant metrics. They produce reports detailing outcomes and lessons learned, which are essential for continuous improvement and strategic planning of future events.


The Events Manager’s role is integral to enhancing AfrosInTech’s impact within the technology community. By delivering high-quality, impactful events, the Events Manager not only bolsters networking and professional development opportunities but also strengthens the community’s cohesion and vibrancy.

These events serve as a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange, innovation showcase, and strategic networking, which are vital for empowering participants and advancing their careers in technology. Moreover, through successful events, the Events Manager helps position AfrosInTech as a thought leader and pivotal connector in the tech industry, enhancing its visibility and attractiveness to potential members, partners, and sponsors.

Overall, the strategic and operational excellence demonstrated by the Events Manager in orchestrating these events directly contributes to the organization’s mission, driving forward AfrosInTech’s commitment to empowering African professionals and entrepreneurs in the tech industry. Through their dedicated efforts, the Events Manager ensures that each event is not just a gathering, but a meaningful experience that promotes growth, innovation, and community building.