Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator at AfrosInTech plays a pivotal role in expanding the organization’s reach and impact by strategically connecting with external entities and building partnerships that align with the mission to support and empower African professionals and entrepreneurs in the technology industry. This role requires a combination of strategic planning, networking prowess, and a deep understanding of community and industry dynamics to effectively engage and collaborate with diverse stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic Partnership Development: The Outreach Coordinator is tasked with identifying, developing, and maintaining strategic partnerships that can provide mutual benefits. This includes reaching out to potential industry partners, academic institutions, non-profits, and other relevant organizations to collaborate on initiatives that support the professional growth of AfrosInTech’s community.

Community Expansion and Engagement: A crucial part of this role involves expanding the organization’s visibility and influence within and beyond the current community. The Outreach Coordinator develops and implements strategies aimed at attracting new members and participants from diverse backgrounds, thereby enriching the community’s diversity and vibrancy.

Program Collaboration: Working closely with the Program Director and Events Manager, the Outreach Coordinator ensures that external partnerships align with internal programs and events. They facilitate joint ventures such as workshops, seminars, and other collaborative initiatives that can enhance the organization’s offerings and extend its reach.

Advocacy and Representation: The Outreach Coordinator acts as an ambassador for AfrosInTech, representing the organization at industry conferences, panels, and networking events. They advocate for the organization’s mission, promoting its objectives and seeking opportunities to increase its impact within the technology sector.

Funding and Resource Mobilization: By establishing strong external connections, the Outreach Coordinator plays a key role in identifying and securing funding opportunities that can support the organization’s programs and initiatives. This includes writing grant proposals, engaging with donors, and participating in fundraising activities.

Impact Measurement and Reporting: To evaluate the effectiveness of outreach efforts, the Outreach Coordinator monitors and analyzes the outcomes of partnerships and collaborations. They provide reports to senior management that measure how these efforts contribute to the organization’s goals and mission.


The role of the Outreach Coordinator is integral to driving AfrosInTech’s mission forward. By forging strategic partnerships and expanding the organization’s network, they not only enhance programmatic offerings but also increase the organization’s influence and advocacy power in the tech industry.

These partnerships enrich the resources and opportunities available to AfrosInTech’s members, facilitating access to wider networks, expertise, and technologies that are essential for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Moreover, the Outreach Coordinator’s efforts in community engagement and expansion are vital for sustaining the organization’s growth and ensuring a continuous influx of new ideas and perspectives.

Furthermore, by effectively representing AfrosInTech in various external forums, the Outreach Coordinator enhances the organization’s public profile and positions it as a leader in promoting diversity and empowerment in the tech sector. Their proactive approach in advocacy and collaboration plays a crucial role in shaping industry practices and policies towards greater inclusivity and support for African professionals in tech.

Overall, the Outreach Coordinator’s strategic and dynamic approach to external engagement not only strengthens AfrosInTech’s capacity to serve its community but also amplifies its role as a transformative force within the global technology landscape.