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Company Overview:

AfrosInTech.com is a leading social network and online community dedicated to empowering and connecting individuals within Africa, the African diaspora, and anyone interested in Africa or “anything African” in the technology industry. Our platform fosters collaboration, professional development, and inclusivity, providing a space where members can share knowledge, access resources, and build a strong support network. We are seeking a skilled and motivated Learning and Development Manager to join our team and lead the design and implementation of learning programs that support the growth and professional development of our community members.

Role Overview:

As the Learning and Development Manager at AfrosInTech.com, you will play a pivotal role in developing and delivering learning initiatives that enhance the skills, knowledge, and career opportunities of our community. You will collaborate with internal teams, external experts, and industry partners to create valuable learning experiences, workshops, and training sessions that align with our platform’s mission and values. This role requires a strong understanding of adult learning principles, excellent communication skills, and a passion for promoting diversity and inclusion within the tech industry.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Learning Program Design
    • Develop and implement a comprehensive learning strategy that addresses the professional development needs of our community members.
    • Design learning programs, workshops, and training sessions that cover a range of topics relevant to the tech industry.
  2. Content Development
    • Collaborate with subject matter experts and content creators to develop engaging and relevant learning materials, including online courses, webinars, and resource guides.
    • Ensure that learning content is inclusive, accessible, and aligned with diverse learning styles.
  3. Learning Delivery and Facilitation
    • Coordinate and deliver learning sessions through both online and in-person formats.
    • Facilitate workshops and training sessions, creating a supportive and interactive learning environment.
  4. Skill Assessments and Training Needs Analysis
    • Conduct skill assessments and training needs analysis to identify individual and community-wide learning gaps.
    • Use data insights to inform the design of targeted learning interventions.
  5. Learning Evaluation and Impact Measurement
    • Measure the effectiveness and impact of learning programs through evaluation surveys, feedback, and performance assessments.
    • Continuously improve learning initiatives based on feedback and evaluation results.
  6. Community Engagement and Support
    • Engage with community members to understand their learning needs and preferences.
    • Provide support and guidance to community members in their learning journeys.
  7. Collaboration and Partnership
    • Collaborate with internal teams, external experts, and industry partners to enhance learning offerings and resources.
    • Establish partnerships with organizations and institutions to expand learning opportunities for our community.
  8. Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy
    • Advocate for diversity and inclusion within learning programs, ensuring representation and empowerment of underrepresented groups in tech.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Education, Instructional Design, Human Resources, or a related field.
  • Proven experience (5+ years) in learning and development, preferably within the tech industry or community-focused organizations.
  • Strong understanding of adult learning principles and instructional design methodologies.
  • Experience in developing and delivering learning programs and workshops.
  • Excellent communication, facilitation, and presentation skills.
  • Familiarity with learning management systems (LMS) and e-learning platforms.
  • Strong project management and organizational abilities.
  • Passion for promoting diversity, inclusion, and representation within the tech sector.

If you are a passionate advocate for learning and professional development and want to make a positive impact on the careers of tech professionals of African descent, we encourage you to apply for the position of Learning and Development Manager at AfrosInTech.com. Join us in creating meaningful learning experiences that empower and uplift our vibrant community.

Before applying for this position you need to submit your online resume. Click the button below to continue.

Before applying for this position you need to submit your online resume. Click the button below to continue.

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